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Dec 27th

Pretty solid day with action today. First drop was very slow but after that the fish chewed better for the remainder of the day. Bites were definitely centralized to certain areas of the boat. Those who moved around did best. Unfortunately there were still some goose eggs.

Pool fish was TackleDirects very own Ricky! He caught his personal best weighing in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. Way to go Ricky!!


Dec 9, 2018 

Beautiful calm day !

Fish chewed for us today pretty good from the first drop on. It was a consistent pick of keepers with enough short life to keep it interesting. We ended up with about 50 keepers by the end of the day. Pool fish was 8lbs.

We will NOT be sailing tomorrow because of the wind but we still have some openings for the rest of the week if you wanna join us grab your tickets online tonight. I will be driving back to new York and won’t be able to pick up my phone.








Dec 8, 2018

Beautiful day on the water today which made for a busy day on the grounds so we spent most of the day doing the stick and stay and it paid off with a decent catch by days end. No bail job by any means but enough fish to keep everyone interested and changing baits to keep them biting.

Pool fish was just under 9 lbs and high hook had 5 keepers. There was an attempted to release the pool fish but unfortunately after swimming the fish for a little bit it was bleeding too badly and we didn’t think it was going to survive.

We are filling up FAST for next week. Monday and Wednesday only have 5 spots left each.

24 hour ticketing is available on our website. 


$90 includes all. Limited to 30 people.





Dec 7, 2018

Today started out disastrously slow with hard current out of the south. Only a hand full of shorts and just one lonely keeper after our first two drops.

We made a change of zone and had a pick of nicer sized fish. Largest fish was caught by Rob it was a 14 pound female that he released back grow even bigger!

We are sold out till Sunday.



Please buy your tickets on the website www.ospreyfishingnewjersey.com




December 6, 2018

It was a vast improvement over yesterday’s weather and fishing.

It was calm and warm the entire day and the wind never came up as forecasted. Fish coupperated much better as well. We picked away at every drop with short life and keepers. Unfortunately there were parts of the boat that were dead zones and other parts of the boat that were hot spots. High hook was Matt Sorrentino with 6 keepers (only retaining limit) He had the pool tog until the last drop when the Jay snuck in a trophy reef donkey weighing in at 10 pounds 7 ounces.

Normal to black fishing it was all or nothing for most people. Either you had a few in the box for dinner or you were goose egged.

We are sold out tomorrow.

Please check website for availability.






Dec 5, 2018


Well... it was not the nicest day of the week.

There was a pretty big groundswell. Lots of snow and not many bites at all. 
The worst part about tog fishing is the lack of predictably. When we get on a good streak it seems to inevitably end. Anglers were impressive today standing in the snow and the waves and fishing hard despite the lack of activity at the end of the rod. Below is a photo of Deanna. It was her first time winter fishing. She was lucky enough to land a keeper her first time tog fishing. Give it up to Lady Luck! 
Tomorrow is another day! New opportunity to start fresh.





We are sold out for Thursday, Saturday but we have room Friday and Sunday .




Dec 4, 2018


It was a little rougher than forecasted and so was the fishing. Anglers braved the big waves and stayed and the rail and fished hard despite it being difficult to stay on the bottom.

High hook was James and Walt had 4 keepers. Mike Christy won the pool with a 12 pound 6 ounce tog. Anna got her personal best tog 9 pounds and James had a 11 pound 1 ounce and 9 pound, a 6 pounder as well! It was James’s birthday today. Not a bad way to spend your birthday!

We are sold out tomorrow. We have limited space on Thursday and Friday. Sat is sold out and space is limited on Sunday and Monday.



Make your reservations now by logging onto our website and buying your ticket. 

Dec 3, 2018


We had a pretty good day on the grounds today. We had 17 fisherman on the deck and 67 keepers in the box up to 8 pounds 12 ounces. Every angler went home with meat to fry up when they get home.



Karl was our pool winner and it was his personal best. High Hook caught 15 keepers (ONLY RETAINING HIS LIMIT) 

We are sailing everyday weather dependent by reservation only. Reservations can be made by calling 516-449-3255 up to 9pm or 24 hours a day on our website www.ospreyfishingnewjersey.com




DEC 1, 2018

The first drop prodoced a few keepers but the bites were very lethargic and the fish were laying on the baits and not chewing hard. The fish were also being a little sexist and only the lady anglers were able to land keepers!

The drops only improved as the day went on. Good action with enough keepers to keep it interesting.

Our biggest highlights of the day was for Rob Vallone and Sophie Iacono. They landed their personal bests today!

Sophie’s weighed 7 pounds and Rob is our biggest fish for the year so far at 14 Pounds 4 ounces!

We ended the trip with 56 keepers up to 14 pounds. Not a bad first day!

Tomorrow we have cancelled but it looks like the weather will cooperate for the rest of the week. Please visit our website and make reservations.

We sail 7 days a week by reservation only limited to 30 passengers from Gardner’s basin in Atlantic City! $90.00 includes rod, white and green crabs, lead and tackle.

Hope to see you soon!




Dec 21,2016

We had a decent day out there yesterday. We are starting to see the size fish we are looking for. we kept a few over 10 and released a few over 10. All anglers with larger fish actually attempted to release their fish. Unfortunately sometimes with blackfish in deeper water we are unable to do so because they suffer a barotrauma on the way up and it wouldn't be prudent if the fish would just go back to the bottom and die. 

Kevin Dong had his PB of 11 pounds 2 ounces.
Joe Zagorski released a 13 pound 2 ounce fish caught on a jig.
Tim won the pool and got his PB of 13 pounds 7 ounces and knocked Chris M. out of the lead for the custom rod we give away to the biggest fish. Chris was in the lead with 12 pound 12 ounce fish caught on a jig.
A few other anglers had their PB of 8 and 9. No limits were reached today but there was plenty of meat to go around. 

we sail every day weather dependent by reservation only. We limit the boat to 30 people so that there is plenty of room to move around. The fare is $85.00.


Tomorrow we have 9 spots left. Monday we are sold out with a waitlist but the rest of the week weather wise looks pretty good and we have light crowds signed up already. 





DEC 11, 2016

Today was slightly better than yesterday but not nearly as good as it needed to be. Little more action in the bow area on the jigs. It was a beautiful day but like most beautiful days their wasn't much wind to hold us still. We had to try and hold the boat over the wrecks with the motors some of the day which isn't ideal for wreck fishing. High hook was 4 keepers and a big congrats to Chris M. Who caught his personal best tog ! It weighed in at the dock 12 pounds 12 ounces. Just shy of 13. It is our new leader for the big tog contest this year. Chris's fish was very much alive when we got back so he released it after it was weighed.



DEC 10, 2016

  Today was a terribly tough day. Not much action or many fish at all. Most anglers struggled. The "smash brothers" ken and ted came through. Ted had 5 keepers and the pool fish. Ken put some really quality fish over the rail.  Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I will have more to report.

Really great day on the water today. Beautiful weather nice people and good fishing! We couldn't have asked for a much nicer trip.

High hook was Arthur with 13 keepers! (He retained only his legal limit of 6)


Pool fish was taken by Josh with a fish over 8 lbs and he had 10 keepers (only retained his legal limit)

Our chief float attendant travis caught his personal best. 11 pounds 11 ounces!

Sailing every day weather dependent by reservation only.
Limited to 30 people.
All Lead and tackle as well as green and white crabs included in the price.



Well Last year was a killer year for us! We acomplised just what we were looking to do.  We put some really nice size fish in the boat and helped people catch their personal best togs!


This year has started out not bad. Lots of small fish bent the rods and kept people busy.  Unfortunely we didnt have the size we were looking for. Dan Murphy started out the season right. He hooked and boated the first fish for the 2016/2017 season.  It weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces. He won a free trip to come back out as well as took the pool that day. Eddie McCray from New York had 4 keepers up to 5 pounds.

We will be sailing everyday weather dependant. PLease call or text Amanda for reservations.








We have started our jersey blackfish season and have been delighted once again with the support from last years regulars and a bunch of new faces!  As most of you know it is unseasonably warm this year. We have been fishing in all diffrent depths looking for a large body of tog. We have been sucessful at locating them, most of them small and return back home but plenty of rod bending action. The bigger fish seem to be spread out but are definitly starting to show up.  Our pool fish every day has been 7lbs or bigger. The largest fish to date so far is 8.31lbs caught by Patrick on 12/12/15. Partrick is in the lead for the rod give away. The largest blackfish of the season wins a fishing rod built by Captain Neil custom rod. We will be sailing daily weather dependent in search of large atlantic city blackfsih! Hope you can join us!





Much better fishing then the past few days. Lots of life at every drop. Unfortunlty a lot of it was smaller fish but they kept you busy and  always kept your bait fresh. High hook was Ted with his limit and he won the pool. Next day that we have a trip scheduled is Friday January 2nd. Already have reservations so call ahead so you don't miss out on a spot!   25 person Max daily!






Fishing hasn't rebounded as much as we would have liked it since the moon. We unfortunlty have been having some slower trips. Some nice fish being landed for those who work real hard but they haven't been jumping on the hooks like we would like them to! Lots of great bottom around we keep exploring hopefully these big boys show up soon and we can find some teenagers! 












Slower fishing than the past two days. Pool was taken by John Lu with a 6.5lb fish. Few big fish broke off and the bite was off for some reason. Looking for a few more people for tuesday.  Please call before 6PM to get a spot.  516-449-3255







Solid day today, definitely on the breezy and rough side, made it a little harder to feel the bites at times. The beginning of the day was the best, made a move inshore to have a little calmer weather and we only saw a few more fish inshore

Jimmy from pa won the pool with a fish just under 10lbs and caught his limit with everyone going home with dinner. 

Sailing everyday weather permitting, reservations required which can be made by calling 516-449-3255. Limited to 25 anglers with whites, greens and tackle included. 




Wind has kept us in so long we planned on going with or with out customers. We had a few guys who were game to go. First few drops had very little life on them,and third drop had good life and some nicer fish. Finished up with what we needed and even let some go to swim another day. Weather looks good for the rest of the week call and make your reservations or book online!  516-449-3255



 Made an exploratory trip yesterday, caught the hell out of the shorts and got some keepers. There was a pretty big ground swell from the south that I think was the reason for the larger fish not really biting that well. We had about a dozen keepers. We kept what we wanted for dinner and released the rest to grow bigger and get caught another day. 


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